Ria Jean Mountain Winter Shoot

Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Model

Ria has written a personal account of the arrest, conviction, prison stay, appeal, and release that she endured as a result of being wrongfully convicted of First Degree Murder. In a three part series, Ria tells the story through the eyes of a convicted Murderer and what it took to overcome all the odds stacked against her. Where the Truth Lies, the first book in this three part series is scheduled to be released for purchase by the Spring of 2017! Read Ria’s Weekly to find out information on Book Signing Tour Dates, pre release purchasing opportunities and much much more!

“I’ve been blessed my whole life. Even going to prison was a blessing for me. It taught me about the kind of life I DIDN’T want to live. Life taught me to just be real. Be honest. Be myself. When I did that, the rest was easy. The people who meet me often tell me that I am the same person in person that I am on social media. People get the real me and that feels good.” Ria was quoted after being asked how was it possible to gain so many fans in the business after being in prison for Murder.

After being released from prison Ria Jean Schumacher embarked on her childhood dream of becoming a model. Through the trials and tribulations of facing life after prison she was able to develop the skills needed to pursue a career in modeling. Ria has traveled across the United States to create photographs that go beyond the norm. Artistic, creative, and always edgy Ria doesn’t disappoint her fans!

In September 2012, Ria Jean was invited to be a Guest on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss the difficulties of having been falsely accused of Murder and the difficulties of rebuilding a life afterwards. After overcoming the obstacles and rebuilding her life Ria Jean began her journey of revisiting jails and prisons to speak and share her story with those incarcerated to offer hope for the future.

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